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Athletic Perfection


 Michelle Meleo(artist) 
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The skilled athlete knows, that the key to success, is having the ability to see, hear and feel each perfect move as it is played out...first in your mind and until you have mastered the art of visualization, all the practice in the world might be in vain!

Athletic Perfection hypnosis recording assists the dedicated athlete to reach his or her full potential safely and quickly. This is the perfect recording to help promote increased stamina in either team or individual sports. Listen to this recording to help improve your athletic skill, strength, stamina and focus.



Release Date: copyright 2007 (second edition 2012)
Produced by: Mind Trip Productions
Artwork: Mind Trip Productions
Cover Design: Mind Trip Productions
1. Athletic Perfection Hypnosis(28:46)
2. Positive Affirmations for Athletes(19:08)


Athletic Perfection Album mp3 Download